День прав человека и толерантности: проектирование социальных практик

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The round table was devoted to the development of new social practices needed to address the challenges of adapting to the present challenges. The problem of adapting to the existing European and Russian values in the migration crisis was the main topic of the scientific debate. The participants discussed the most valuable European practices in the field of social cooperation along with the problems of migrant and Russian families, highlighting some social strategies of young migrants’ adaptation. There exist two main components in the framework of this problem. First, obtaining their own basic foundations meaningful values differ greatly by their considerable adaptive capacity in relation to the external challenges. Second, while interpreting new social practices one should comprehend both - the mechanism of forming as well as the sense of the basic values.

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Александр Петрович Логунов
Российский государственный гуманитарный университет

Для цитирования: Логунов А.П. День прав человека и толерантности: проектирование социальных практик. Вестник РГГУ. Серия “Политология. История. Международные отношения.”. 2017;(1):121-122.

For citation: Logunov A. Day of human rights and tolerance. Designing social practices. RSUH/RGGU Bulletin Series "Political Science. History. International Relations". 2017;(1):121-122. (In Russ.)

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